Workshops and Clinics


Ron Sayer Jr. is not only a pro musician with years of performing, recording, composing and touring experience; he is also a fully qualified teacher with a BA Hons degree in Music from the University Of East Anglia and a PGCE in Music Education from the University Of Cambridge.

He has many years experience running workshops and guitar clinics for every age range.

Here are a few examples of workshops & events that can be arranged for your educational institution or your company.

Blues Guitar Clinic

A clinic for intermediate to advanced players who wish to move their playing to the next level. In all cases handouts will be provided and attendees are advised to bring their guitars.

This clinic will give guitarists an insight into:

  • Pentatonic playing to its extent (opening up the neck)
  • Breaking out of pentatonics (using ÔÇÿoutsideÔÇÖ notes to augment your playing)
  • Extended chords (advancing from 7ths to using more jazz orientated chords in blues)
  • A study of famous blues players licks and how to incorporate them
  • Using modal scales to enhance blues playing
  • Building extended chords into your 12 bar
  • ÔÇÿPlaying over the changesÔÇÖ in your 12 bar (using diminished, superlocrian and other scales over certain changes to give your playing more melodic content

Blues Guitar Clinic With Live Performance & Jam Session

This augmented clinic can also incorporate a live performance with RonÔÇÖs band. Throughout the clinic Ron will perform a number of songs to demonstrate the concepts discussed. Post clinic all guitarists can try out the tips they have learnt throughout the day in a jam session with the band.

Band Consultancy

Working with school, college or more mature bands on:

  • How to be a musical director within a band format
  • How to rehearse effectively
  • Getting a good sound
  • How a rhythm section works
  • Learning songs
  • Getting through a song
  • Sounding ÔÇÿtightÔÇÖ
  • Finding the right tone and level
  • Band etiquette
  • Live and rehearsal communication tips
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Choosing the right songs
  • Transposition

And many more tips of the trade that will help make a band work together successfully.  Filming option available too for reinforcing learning after the event.

This workshop will also assist in the performance aspect of the Edexcel GCSE syllabus and can be geared toward helping with a successful performance in the syllabus.

Blues Improvisation Workshops

Working with all musicians on:

  • Getting started
  • Improvisation (simple to advanced)
  • What scales to use
  • Riff creation
  • Transposition
  • Sympathetic accompaniment
  • Dynamics
  • ÔÇÿFeelÔÇÖ playing
  • Call & response
  • Leading the jam

This workshop covers aspects of Area Of Study 2 and 4 in the Edexcel GCSE syllabus.

Btec Lecture & Workshop

Working with Btec students to give them a clear understanding of the units regarding performance, aural skills, composing & improvising. It can also incorporate insight into the music industry including how a record company works, the process of a record deal from start to finish and how the internet & social media is an invaluable resource for bands in the 21st century.

This lecture will give an insight into units such as:

  • Music Performance Techniques
  • Aural Perception Skills
  • Composing Music
  • Improvising Music
  • Live Music Workshop
  • Solo Music Performance Skills
  • Working & Developing As A Musical Ensemble
  • The Sound & Music Industry
  • Music Theory & Harmony

ÔÇ£Ron has been coming to run courses at the faculty every year now for over 10 years. He has a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and making improvising and composing, which can be quite intimidating for newcomers, not only approachable but enjoyable. Every year we get great feedback from our students and they really appreciate his sessions. I can highly recommend him as someone to run workshop sessions. Here are some typical comments. ÔÇ£

Dr. Philip Kirkman, Cambridge University

“I really enjoyed the way that I was able to use my own instrument to ‘jam’ with the group”.

“I was really scared at first because I’m not used to improvising but Ron eased us in gently (and gave me the little bit of a push that I needed). In the end I was really please with what we did”.

“The songwriting was fun. ‘I woke up this morning’ will never sound the same again!”