ÔÇ£Ron has been coming to run courses at the faculty every year now for over 10 years. He has a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and making improvising and composing, which can be quite intimidating for newcomers, not only approachable but enjoyable. Every year we get great feedback from our students and they really appreciate his sessions. I can highly recommend him as someone to run workshop sessions. Here are some typical comments. ÔÇ£

Dr. Philip Kirkman, Cambridge University

“I really enjoyed the way that I was able to use my own instrument to ‘jam’ with the group”.

“I was really scared at first because I’m not used to improvising but Ron eased us in gently (and gave me the little bit of a push that I needed). In the end I was really please with what we did”.

“The songwriting was fun. ‘I woke up this morning’ will never sound the same again!”